Unique Dab Pipes

Dab pipes do come in all shapes, sizes and character. Some dab pipes are themed others are just crazy and that is what makes them unique. These funny, sometimes subtle but weird characters make them stand out in a collection. Here is an assortment of unique dab pipes that you should consider if you love to attract attention or just want that unique piece for your collection.

1. Dragon Wrapped Glass Pipe by Empire Glassworks (http://dankstop.com/glass-pipes/empire-glassworks-dragon-wrapped-glass-pipe/)

This is a beautifully incredible piece, made of glittery yet durable dichroic glass and has the intricate detail of a dragon wrapped around the pipe’s body. It is five inches long and of great quality. The branded glass bears the logo of Empire Glassworks with keen details that authenticate it as a genuine product of this stellar glass manufacturer.

It looks elaborate but is actually very compact in size. This combined with the durable glass used to make it, turns this dab pipe into a portable item for sashing on the go.

2. Poké-Bowl Themed Spoon by Empire Glassworks (http://dankstop.com/glass-pipes/empire-glassworks-poke-bowl-pokeball-themed-spoon/)

This attractive Poké-Ball themed piece is 5.5 inches, made entirely of thick red, black and white colored glass and it is a special one for the fans of the show and game. It is a truly unique piece that has a deep bowl that allows for large amounts of tobacco as well as other dry herbs.

This spoon is durable and portable. It is a great accessory especially when you join friends for a session of Pokémon.

3. Mushroom Shaped Spoon Glass Hand Pipe (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/glass-hand-pipes/products/shroomy-mushroom-shaped-chillum-pipe-art)

The shroom is a creation of Erik Anderson of Asheville NC. This intricately carved, thick glass is a 7-inch piece that looks like a real mushroom and is quite easy to hold. Its thick glass quality makes it very durable; it is less likely to break because of easy falls. Its unique shapes meakes it quite a looker that is easy on the eyes. Collectors looking to expand their dabbing paraphernalia will find this piece quite eye catching.

4. Spider Pendant Spoon (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/glass-hand-pipes/products/burner-glassworks-spider-pendant-spoon)

This pendant is a high quality handcrafted product designed in the shape of a real spider complete with all the eight legs. It is artsy as it is gorgeous. It is only three 3 inches and features a large bowl. It comes in a choice of two colored glasses, has a carburetor and an opal on its back as well as a pendant ring. Even people with nil affection to real life spiders will easily fall in love with this great, beautiful piece.

5. Cheshire Cat Glow in The Dark Pipe by Chameleon Glass (http://dankstop.com/glass-pipes/chameleon-glass-cheshire-cat-glow-in-the-dark-pipe/)

This is for the Alice in Wonderland fans and it is truly amazing because looks beautiful in the light and glows elegantly in the dark. It is four inches long, has a deep bowl and it is hand made by Chameleon Glass in Arizona out of thick high grade borosilicate glass. Alice in Wonderland fans, in the piece you have an awesome treat!

The unique dab pipes highlighted here are your key to a fun sashing session especially if you like characters that stand out. However, these are not all; Smoke Cartel and DankStop have even more in store. Do check all these out.