Small Dab Pipes

The medicinal benefits of marijuana are now real with us, just as the various methods of taking the herb. However, many people know dabbing as an elaborate process because of dab rigs, bubblers and bongs. The real process can be as easy as filling a small hand pipe with an adequate amount of concentrate and puffing away. Here are a few small dab pipes you should consider when you want to downshift your dabbing.

1. Sandblasted Classic Spoon by Grav Labs (

Grav Labs are famous because of their great signature spoons. This sandblasted piece is just four inches, which is compact and relatively tiny. Add the apt size to its sandblasted nature and you have a pipe that feels so nice in your hands.

Grav Labs uses only thick durable glass to make this spoon. It as such lasts long allowing you to enjoy your herbs repeatedly. It is beautiful because of the colored glass, which is available in seven different shades including pink, purple, dark blue and aqua.

2. Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents by DankStop (

Are you looking for the perfect travel pipe that is discreet, portable and beautiful? Well, look no further than this beauty from DankStop. It is only 2.5 inches, which makes it a very dab pipe. It comes with glass accents of varying hues that all create a unique aesthetic appeal.

Made from thick glass, it is very durable and costs just slightly over $5. It as such, is the cheapest and most functional hand pipe available on the shelves.

3. Solid Spoon with Marble by Mathematix (

This spoon is only four inches, made from very thick, durable, and translucent borosilicate glass and comes with a big bowl that holds adequate amounts of herb. It has a marble just at the top of the bowl. Though this marble looks like an extension of the carb, its only function is to differentiate this spoon for the rest in its line.

It has a deep bowl, comes with a left sided carb and a Mathematix sticker to help verify its authenticity. It is available in any color of your choice and costs just slightly over $10. This spoon is a favorite for every dabber on the go.

4. Peppermint Spoon by GlasseX (

The peppermint spoon is a beauty that will lighten up your collection of dabbing paraphernalia. It is just four inches long, solid white and features wrapped lines throughout its entire length. It is available in six different designs and each of these has a carb on the left side.

5. Simple Illuminati Spoon by Smoky Mountains Glass (

It is blown with illuminati glass so it reacts to UV light and as such, glows when used in the dark. It is only 3.5 inches, made of thick glass and has a carb on the left side of the thick bowl.

It is very sturdy and great for travel and, is easy to stash.

These five small dab pipes and many others that Smoke Cartel and DankStop sell are appropriate for people who dab on the go. Most of these small dab pipes are very cheap and so they will not really dent your wallet.