Large Dab Pipes

Some satisfaction comes with dabbing. A large chunk of it has a lot to do with the elaborate nature of items used in the process. Dab rigs however, produce very tame smoke. Many have several percolators that also remove the harshness that some dabbers crave. Large dab pipes are almost as elaborate as bongs and rigs. They however do not tamper with the hits of the herb. Here are a few available from Smoke Cartel and DankStop that you should check out.

1. Glass Elephant Hand Pipe by DankStop (

This pipe has is 5 inches tall and another 4.5 inches wide. It fits the category of small dab pipes but because it is ‘fat’, its elaborate size rather kicks it into the category of large dab pipes. This elephant themed pipe has colored glass, which makes it even more beautiful. For all you animal lovers, this pipe, made from thick borosilicate glass is an item you should have in your collection.

Its swirled colored design made in high-grade glass complete with the blue and colorful stripes grant it a real awesome look.

2. Double-Bubbler with Dual Chambers by UPC (

This double bubbler with all its two chambers stands at eight inches. This still makes it travel-sized though its elaborate design would rather have it among large dab pipes. The fumed double bubbler comes with a diffused downstem that filters your smoke twice. This pipe gives you very smooth hits and its weird but beautiful design does create a scene.

It resembles many dab rigs especially because of its bent neck and, UPC make it using only thick glass. It therefore is not only beautiful but durable as well.

3. Morning Glory Fumed Sherlock Style Bubbler by Glassheads (

This bubbler is seven inches long and costs under $40. This makes it very affordable despite its high quality status and enhanced functionality. Hand blown by folks at Glassheads, this fumed Sherlock assumes a standing design and comes with a simple, single hole diffused downstem. This creates an airflow that is one of a kind and is easy to pull compared to other bubbler. It is produces smooth hits from very well percolated smoke.

It is crafted using only thick borosilicate glass and as such is very durable. Once you get your hands on this bubbler, it will serve your dabbing needs for a long period.

4. American Sherlock Pipe by Chameleon Glass (

A true American who is patriotic and likes his or her dab will easily identify with this Sherlock. It has red, white and blue hues that really stands out. The Sherlock comes with a deep bowl that ensures you are able to load adequate dab portions with each seshing session.

5. Beaker Base Spoon with Illuminati Accents by Grav Labs (

Though it stands at only five inches, its wide beaker base sends it right amongst the large dab pipes. It sits upright upon this beaker base and has beautiful Illuminati accents that give it a unique character.

It is made from very thick glass thus, is a durable, hardy piece. The beaker at the base makes it apt for dry herbs.

Most large dab pipes are elaborate but offer harsh and ripping smoke just like their small dap pipes do. Some of these pipes however, incorporate downstems and like dab rigs, are able to provide far cooler smoke. For people looking for a blend of harsh and smooth hits, large dab rigs are the way to go.