Glass Dab Pipes

Are you out seeking a great glass dab pipe? Well, you need not worry because there are any of these from the leading online head shops, Smoke Cartel and DankStop. All of these are versatile, functional, beautifully crafted and made of high quality glass. Below is a list of some of the best and high-quality glass dab pipes that you should definitely sample.

1. Sherlock Pipe by Gravs Labs (

This beautifully crafted piece is of very high quality. At just about 5.5 inches long, it is compact sized yet highly functional. Grav Labs use only thick glass on this beauty so; expect it to last a while when it lands in your care. The Sherlock has a deep bowl that allows you to pack adequate amounts of concentrate at any seshing session.

It has the unique Gravs Labs decal that accentuates its beauty and what’s more, it comes in several colors so you can grab one that matches other pieces in your dabbing paraphernalia collection.

2. Liquid Freezable Glitter Pipe by Dream Pipes (

The Dream Pipe spells out glamour especially because it is filled with liquid glitter. It comes in several colors, has a heavy-duty rubber seal for both aesthetics and protection and is freezer-safe. Dabbers who are looking to have cool smokes sure have a gem in this piece. It can also stand very intense heating because it has a high-grade seal that prevent it from overheating. Ensure you grab a genuine freezable glitter pipe, as there are many knock-off imitations on the market.

3. Traplock Drank Cup Dripping Sherlock with Purple Rain Accents by High Tech Glass (

If you love the ‘trap’ theme then this handcrafted Sherlock from High Tech Glass is the right item for you. It ranks high among their newest trap-themed line of products. The pipe is just five inches long and has a beautiful ample bowl decorated with purple rain drips. The neck is made of the purple rain color. Its size and the hard glass used to make it, all translate into a hardy, durable piece that will serve your dabbing sessions for a long time.

4. Worked Sandblasted Spoon with Claw Grip by GlasseX (

This truly is a unique embodiment of delightful glass art. The four inches of hand blown, multicolored glass pipe has a very smooth finish that gives you a bold grip. The textured claw further heightens this grip. Moreover, it comes with a full carb for perfect smokes.

5. Blue Orchid Sherlock by Smoky Mountain Glass (

The blue orchid is an amazing 11-inch thick glass Sherlock that is beautiful and truly durable. It has a deep blue hue and comes with an array of thorns and flower decoration at the base of its handle. It also has an appropriately sized bowl and a long lovely intricate neck so you can enjoy reasonable portions of concentrate in each smoking session. Its stunning design makes it an easy attraction on your mantelpiece.

The many glass dab pipes available, including the few highlighted here, all serve to give you a refreshing smoking session. DankStop and Smoke Cartel have hundreds more that you should check out. Head there and see for yourself.