Cheap Dab Pipes

The benefits of medical marijuana are immense. And while there are many ways of taking the herb, some of the methods are out of reach for many considering the cost of items necessary for anyone who wants to dab successfully. Elaborate bongs and dab rigs however, are not the only methods. Smoke Cartel and DankStop sell some highly function yet cheap dab pipes that are just as effective when you want to enjoy concentrates. Here are a few.

1. Sherlock Pipe by Grav Labs (

This piece costs just $21, is only 4.5 inches and has a deep bowl that will give you considerably long seshing sessions. Grav Labs makes this pipe using thick borosilicate glass, which makes it strong and spectacular, especially considering that it comes in fifteen different shades.

2. Mini Travel Pipe with Colored Accents by DankStop (

It measure only 2.5 inches long. This magnitude is great travel size by most standards. It costs $7.99, is portable, discreet and very appropriate for on the go dabbing. This mini hand pipe is durable, features glass accents of various beautiful hues and packs up a decent portion of concentrate for its size. DankStop chooses the available colors rather randomly so it is advisable to pick your favorite hues when ordering. Doing so will enable them endeavor to ship you the pipe in your favorite color.

3. 3.5″ or 4.5″ Color changing silver fumed pipe by UPC (

Handmade by the UPC team in Los Angeles and available in two sizes of 3.5 and 4.5 inches, the color changing silver fumed pipes costs just $16. It is silver-fumed and as such has an authentic iridescent quality. Bob Snodgrass developed the technique and it soon became popular. Now, every collection needs to have at least one fumed piece. Dabbers whose collection are not yet complete can grab this piece because it is durable, ridiculously cheap, and looks great.

4. Solid Spoon by Mathematix (

This lovely little piece made of heavy glass costs a paltry $13.25. The hand blown solid spoon is only four inches long, has a deep bowl for satisfactory sesh sessions and is available in any color of your choosing. This spoon prides in its quality glass, which makes it one of the very durable products in its line.

5. Colored Glass Stryder Spoon by GlassX (

This spoon is available in two colors; teal and black. Its slender Sherlock-style that almost apes traditional wooden pipes is great because this affords it an extra-deep bowl for satisfactory dabbing sessions. The three dots on its right side help improve its grip while the other two at the bottom give it stability when you rest upright.

It is about 5 inches long and has a compact size that makes it apt for dabbing on the go. The pipe is also durable and easy concealable, qualities that make it a darling of many who prefer to dab while moving.

The five cheap dab pipes highlighted here serve to reaffirm just how downshifting your sesh session should not necessarily dent your wallet. These pipes and many others in DankStop and Smoke Cartel that fall within this price range, offer stellar quality smoke and are very much worth your while. Do check them out.