Dab Pipes

As the dangers of inhaling smoke get clearer to more and more people, alternative and healthy methods of consuming and even enjoying medicinal herbs are taking center stage. Dabbing is one such practice. To dab successfully, you require a set of paraphernalia such as dab rigs, bongs, hand pipes, vaporizers, blunts and joints are however the most essential. Glass dab pipes are the most basic of this lot. And, they have bowls and carburetors that cool the smoke just as rigs and bongs do. Here is a look at some great dab pipes available at the Smoke Cartel and DankStop.

Dab Pipes

1. TMNT Hand Pipe by Mathematix Glass (http://dankstop.com/glass-pipes/mathematix-glass-tmnt-hand-pipe/)

This five-incher made in Arizona, keeps hogging all the good press. With its deep bowl, a right side carb and a ninja turtle aptly branded red to depict the movie character; it offers enough space to enjoy your concentrates with little hassle. You can stuff adequate dry herb at any one time.

Released about the time Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) movie debuted, this delightful pipe as such packs a host of very good memories that will stay with you for a long time to come. This is especially so because the thick glass that Mathematix uses to make it ensures it is very durable.

2. Glow in the Dark Eyeball Hand Pipe by Chameleon Glass (http://dankstop.com/staff-picks/chameleon-glass-glow-in-the-dark-eyeball-hand-pipe/)

This pipe is a true looker because the glass tubing changes color as you fume your herbs. It has an eyeball at the tip with red, raised veins travelling all the way to the mouthpiece. When you smoke your dab in a dimly lit environment, you can see the pipe glow beautifully.

This hand pipe features a huge bowl and a blue flame removable sticker by Chameleon Glass. The sticker authenticates the pipe and does add some beauty while the large bowl makes it possible to sesh adequate amounts of dab at a time. The entire pipe is thick borosilicate glass made in beautiful Arizona.

3. Nemo’s Revenge Fumed Mini Sherlock Pipe by GlasseX (https://www.smokecartel.com/products/glassex-nemos-revenge-fumed-mini-sherlock-pipe)

This Sherlock exhibits all attributes of love. It features a strong gold fumed glass that shines whenever you are outdoors or in good light. Several dots adorn its body making it easy to hold and in the eyes as well. At just four inches, it is concealable and great for quick sesh sessions even while on the go. The great looks that it boldly portrays automatically make it a classy addition to whatever collection you already own.

4. Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler by Sesh Supply (https://www.smokecartel.com/products/sesh-supply-cornucopia-sherlock-style-bubbler)

At just 5.5 inches, the Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler is all you need for all your smoking sessions. It packs the benefits of a complete dab rig in a decent sized hand pipe. This is a unique hand pipe because in the confines of its compact size, is a diffused downstem similar to what dab rigs have. It as such percolates your smoke just as rigs do. Moreover, it comes in several colors so you can grab a pink, white or blue piece just to match any dabbing paraphernalia you already own.

It is lightweight, concealable, very portable and made only from very thick borosilicate glass. It as such is both durable and apt for dabbing on the go.

5. Classic Spoon Glass Hand Pipe by Grav Labs (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/glass-hand-pipes/products/grav-labs-classic-spoon-glass-hand-pipe)

Made by the team at Grav Labs in Austin, Texas, this spoon glass pipe has a little indented cone just next to the mouthpiece, meant to trap ash before it gets to your mouth. It has a utilitarian design that makes it suitable for anyone’s smoking needs. Though it is just a pipe, it shares several qualities with your average dab rigs and as such, is great for dabbing.

It is only four inches in height and comes in nine different shades including pink, fumed and aqua. This spoon hand pipe is a great collectors’ piece for people looking for something beautiful or just dabbers who want to match their dabbing paraphernalia.

Dab Pipe Selection Tips

Do you want to get your hands on the best dab pipes that money can buy? Today’s cannabis and tobacco industry is awash with great pipes. Choosing the right one however, boils down to preference. The qualities you want in a dab pipe as such, will determine the item you choose. For instance, people who prefer to dab on the go will be more at home with concealable and compact-sized dab pipes.
In all, the leading desirable features every dab pipe should possess are durability, compact size, concealability, easy to use and clean and large enough to allow you put adequate dab portions every time.

-Durability – A good dab pipe allows you to enjoy your herbs for a reasonable period before it breaks. Dab pipes made from thick borosilicate glass are great because this material is strong and will give you service for a reasonable period.

– Compact size and concealability – Dabber who prefer to sesh on the go look for dab pipes that have compact size, are easy to conceal or stash in a travelling bags or carry-ons. Such pipes ease the process of dabbing almost at any given opportunity. Elaborate dab pipes though few, do not really afford users this convenience.

– Presentable and functional – Dabbing in most instances is a social activity. When at it as such, you are only comfortable if your dab pipe does not draw negative attention. A beautiful dab pipe will get you approval from your circles and obviously make heads turn in every social event you attend.

– Reasonably priced – Dab pipes are not generally expensive. Still, this does not mean that breaking the bank will give you top of the range items. Just ensure you shop widely. Doing so will help ensure that you get a good piece and at a very fair tag.

Types of Dab Pipes

Unlike clay and wood pipes, glass pipes are the new thing for people who like to smoke herbs. They do not add any competing flavors and as such, give you authentic herb flavor. This overwhelming preference for glass dab pipes continues to rise because unlike before, varieties of herbs cultivated in this age do not require additional tastes or flavor.

Several kinds of dab pipes are available in the market now. The common kinds are steamrollers, chillums, spoons, sherlocks and bubblers.

Chillums – These are the most basic of all dab pipes. Essentially, chillums are just simple glass pipes. Though tiny in nature, many now come with small extensions by the herb bowl to serve as carbs. Because of their sizes, chillums are only appropriate for seshing small amounts of herbs.

Steamrollers – These open-ended pipes have glass-on-glass fittings or bowls. The open ends serve as the carb. Some steamrollers come with an additional chamber between the mouthpiece and the bowl, which enhances further cooling of the smoke. Anyone looking for hard and hot rips should look no further than these beauties.

Spoons – Essentially, these are ‘upgraded’ chillums. As their name suggests, they come with a wide bowl that make them resemble spoons. Because of their bigger carbs, spoons produce fresher smoke than chillums.

Sherlock – Most of these have large bowls accompanied by gracefully arching stems. Though Sherlocks have carbs, they like all hand pipes, produce very harsh smoke. They as such, are apt for people looking for hard hits.

Bubblers – These fill the huge, fine thin line between rigs and hand pipes. Most of them come with an additional appendage that filters tar, resins as well as the harsh taste of your smoke leaving you with very smooth hits. Like rigs, bubblers have a chamber that contains cold water. This chamber helps filters your smoke further.

Dab Pipes Sizes and Prices

Prices – Of all dabbing paraphernalia, dab pipes are the cheapest. Though a great hand pipe will set you back about $150 back, you can get a functional one for less than $10. Many reasonable and highly function dab pipes however, are available at between $40 and $70.

Sizes – Due to their basic nature, dab pipes are not elaborate. A four-inch pipe is adequate. Such an item capably delivers harsh smoke just like pipe aficionados prefer. Most hand pipes fall between the 5-to-7-inches range and many of these deliver superbly. A few elaborate items such as bubblers can get to 10 inches, may be even slightly more. In all, most hand pipes are no more than 7 inches.

Accessories – Hand pipes are basic and produce very harsh smoke in most instances. However, people who want smoother hits can accessorize the hand pipes for such purpose. Some accessories available for dab pipes include extension chambers, glass bowls, screens and carbs.

How to use a Dab Pipe

A glass dab pipe is the basic method of dabbing marijuana. A typical dab pipe has a bowl where you stuff the herb you want to smoke. Next to the bowl is a carb, which essentially is a small hole that allows you to empty the smoke produced in the bowl.

You start by lighting the dab in the bowl and inhaling from the mouthpiece. Whenever you stop inhaling, you should cover the hole with a finger to retain the flavor and freshness of your smoke. Once you are through smoking your dab, clean the inside of the glass pipe using a cleansing solution, boiling the glass in water or dipping in an alcohol bath.

Smoking weed using dab pipes is straight forward and fun as well. It is even more enjoyable if you have all the essential items. This narrative highlighted the process as well as everything you need. So, why not take the advice herein, grab yourself a suitable glass dab pipe from either Smoke Cartel or DankStop, and start enjoying your dabs.